How to Select the Right Words to Use in Your Writing

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When composing any form of writing in the English language, choosing the right words can easily leave your work more vibrant and energetic, almost like its ready to leap off of a page. Your writing software can help you in this area in some ways, suggesting more suitable words and phrases in place of specific words you choose that might require being injected with a little more zest.

In English, many words exist in two forms, one derived from the Anglo Saxon and the other derived from Latin. For example, the Anglo-Saxon word burn means exactly the same as the Latin counterpart incinerate. There are many more examples of these and they all exhibit one sweeping (for the most part) characterization: the Latin forms of words usually contain more syllables and are open to some amount of misinterpretation.

Anglo-Saxon English is often referred to as a more casual form of the language, historically used as its colloquial version. The Latin version, on the other hand, is usually misconstrued as being more erudite, making it popular among academics and young students trying to impress their professors.

When writing essays, fiction or any other form of material intended for audiences, it is generally advised to use the Anglo-Saxon version of a word instead of the Latin derivative. That means that instead of saying "expire," you use the equivalent "die"; instead of writing "converse," you use the simpler version "speak".

While using the Latin version might make you look more in command of the English language, it can actually lead to problems that might leave your writing harder than usual to understand. Latin English words are usually devoid of pointed ideas, making it hard to evoke imagery as well as create a striking impression. The added syllables (which can double that on the entire paragraph, on occasion) also makes the whole text more difficult to go through.

Simply put, always make a point of choosing the Anglo-Saxon version of words as opposed to their Latin alternatives. Don't forget to see if your English writing software can help you on this end.

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How to Select the Right Words to Use in Your Writing

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This article was published on 2010/03/30