Learning More About Latin America's Rich Culture

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The Latin American region had experienced distinct types of experiences, such as bad and good, for the past years and centuries. It experienced foreign colonization as well as civil wars, harsh governments as well as autocracy, financial shakes and also downfalls, natural calamities, famines, and also other awful occurrences that almost shook the very core of the whole location. Then again, it also experienced what it's like to be an economic giant, created great innovations which led to global improvement, and gave birth to renowned personalities.  But in between these, Latin America has influenced the entire world with its rich cultures and traditions that remained alive amongst the shaking.

Inspiration of the Latin American Culture

The cultural values and practices of Latin America, both formal and informal, didn't originate from only one root.  Most, if not completely, of its civil and spiritual points of views were adopted from other races.

Basically, the Latin American area comprises those nations where French, Spanish, and Portuguese influences evidently exist.  They got their rich culture practices and beliefs from their foreign colonial masters. This involves the European culture, pre-Columbian cultures, and foreign immigrations that took place during the 19th and 20th centuries.  But although these customs have been motivated by foreign influences, Latin America made them their very own by adding their very own practices and personality into them.

Religious Beliefs

The main religion in Latin America is Christianity.  A huge portion of its Christian population is Roman Catholic; but even so, there are still many other Christian denominations active in the land.  With the passing of time, increasingly more spiritual viewpoints came into rise. This includes: Evangelicalism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Islam, Jewish, Hinduism, and even Tribalism.

Arts and also Literature

Because of the influences of the French, Spanish, and also Portuguese, the arts of Latin Americans are majorly Eurocentric. On the other hand, their literatures were a mix of European influences and that of the Mayans and Aztecs also.  But when the twentieth century occurred, these influences slowly faded and new ideas emerge for the new trend. Individuals in the area learn how to develop their own styles and also manners of expressing themselves through arts and literature and later sought their very own paths to follow.


Latin America is world-renowned with regards to the best and most scrumptious cuisines, both classic as well as specialty food. Much like its arts and literature, the culinary cultures of the area are also a product of foreign influences. Most of their foods may have come from diverse origins, but when they're taken as one, they create an all Latin American mark. This is also relevant to Latin American's best beverages. Both the foods as well as refreshments of Latin Americans showcase various mixes internationally.  Nevertheless, they are all delectable and also tasty.

The Latin American culture could be influenced by many nations.The Latin America's religion, arts and literature, cuisines and refreshments originated from diverse influences; but despite so, having diverse influences only contributed to Latin America's own cultural styles and unique form of civilization.

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Learning More About Latin America's Rich Culture

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This article was published on 2012/11/29